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(2024) App Examples: creating high-value apps with no-code

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AtSupport Dept, we work with entrepreneurs every day to empower them to build killer no-code apps, problem solve on the fly, and deliver a high-value experience for their customers.
So whether you’re just starting out, looking for no-code app inspiration, or you want to take your existing Bubble io app to the next level, keep reading!

Building with Bubble

Bubble is a no-code app builder that brings app development to the non-developers of the world. With Bubble, you can create fully interactive apps using a user-friendly visual platform. As well as being code-free, Bubble handles deployment and hosting, and there are no hard limits on the number of users, traffic volume, or storage.
We find that startup owners love the accessibility that Bubble gives them to create and refine their own app vision without needing to build in multiple different partners for development, hosting, and management.

With Bubble, you can build a range of industry-leading apps, including (but not limited to):
  • Job boards
  • Social networks
  • Food delivery services
  • Internal management tools
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Market Places
  • Invoicing and scheduling tools
  • Community and review sites

Apps built with Bubble can be fully interactive, complex apps, which means they can have complex bugs too! As your Bubble app business grows, feel free to get helpfrom an expert to move things forward.

Burst my Bubble

While Bubble makes app building more accessible, it’s the fine-tuning and optimization that will really take your app from good to great. We see so many Bubble apps that are okay, but they’re not quite hitting the nail on the head - which is where we come in!
Sometimes, it’s a case of a confusing offering, where the app doesn’t provide clear value because it’s trying to do too many things at once. Other times, there are issues with user experience or functionality that you can’t quite solve yourself.

That’s why we offer ‘Burst my Bubble’ sessions, where we deliver a personalized 20 minute video within 48 hours with actionable insights and advice to take your app to the next level. Or, you can access ongoing support, guidance and mentorship with aneasy monthly support arrangement. In the meantime, here are some of our favorite Bubble io examples to inspire you.

Six inspirational Bubble app examples

You might think that a no-code app builder would be restrictive or simplistic, but the sky’s the limit, especially with expert support.
From financial management to job search or social media, no-code apps push the boundaries of high-value, user-friendly app experiences.

You can learn more about some of the fantastic features and integrations that you could use for Bubble on the Support Dept ‘Learn’ page, and the Support Dept team will be able to talk to you about what ‘best in class’ looks like for your business, in your unique offering.

The best app for your business is the one that serves your customers the most value, so there’s no use in copying what another business has done. There’s always value, though, in looking at best-in-market examples to spark your ideas and inspiration. Here are some of our favorite apps built with Bubble:

#1. Strabo

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We weren’t kidding about ‘the sky’s the limit’ -Strabois a cloud-based platform on a mission to make cross-border money management as simple as possible. Strabo allows users to link multiple accounts from all around the world, track their money, plan investments, and manage their net worth.
The web app is user-friendly and simplistic, but it offers powerful financial management tools, all with a no-code builder. The Strabo platform involves extensive financial calculations and data management, and many business owners would be surprised that a complex personal finance platform like Strabo could be built with a no-code app.

#2. Five Teams

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Five Teamsis an anonymous job market for people in the tech sector, built using a full suite of no-code tools. In the platform, candidate details are kept anonymous, and companies hire people based entirely on their merits and skills.
More than 10,000 people have already used the platform, and it’s creating a fresh, new take on the interview and employment process, with a focus on skills and experience. Five Teams uses Webflow for CMS, Stripe for payments, Bubble for the web app, and Zapier for integration and automation.

#3. Escape the City

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Escape the Cityis a community of job seekers and employers looking to find like-minded people. Users can nominate companies, and companies can submit their information. Within only a few weeks, the app had gained over 1,000 employees and 1,500 companies, which really is a testament to the quality and professionalism of the app.
The app operates in a Glassdoor style, and connects like-minded employers and job seekers from all over the world, and is growing every day. Far from a cold and corporate job board, Escape the City offers a platform for people to connect over shared interests and values.

#4. Dripdrop

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Dripdropis a Bubble app that helps teens reduce their screen time by using a trading system with their parents. The teens will nominate something that they want from their parents, and in return, they have to do something their parents want them to do.
If they want to play some games, they can make a trade with their parents for a session doing some meditation. The app aims to help parents to support their kids in developing healthy habits and reducing their screen time. The app gives parents access to experts and coaches like sportspeople, musicians, and psychologists.

The Dripdrop team has used Bubble to create an app that not only appeals to parents and their teens but also offers professional support and advice in a user-friendly and approachable manner.

#5. Treepoint

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Treepointis a Bubble app that helps people live a carbon-neutral life. It helps users support projects that work to fight climate change and allows you to calculate your own carbon emissions.
The calculator is based on research data from the World Bank, UC Berkeley, and WWF, and the app also offers opportunities to learn about and support various climate initiatives. The platform also has features to track the impact of your actions on the climate and offers rewards for positive initiatives.
With partners like Brewdog and Lush, the app is a user-friendly avenue to drive climate awareness and conservation efforts. The Treepoints API allows people to embed tree planting or carbon offsetting into their website flows by planting a tree with every sale made. They also invest at least 50% of their profits back to environmental causes - nice!

#6. Announcefly

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Announceflyis a platform that helps SaaS businesses notify their customers about feature changes. These include product releases, video updates, general announcements, bug fixes, and other sorts of things that would entail a new user experience. It also allows you to collect user feedback and various suggestions that allow SaaS companies to build stronger products.
We love this Bubble app example because it shows the possibilities of creating what essentially is a SaaS platform created with no-code. There are thousands of non-technical folks around the world who want to launch a SaaS product but don’t have the expertise or the network to execute their plan. With Bubble, they now can.

What's next for you?

These are just a few examples of some of the Bubble apps that we love, but if you went through the pages of apps that entrepreneurs have launched using Bubble, you would see that it’s not so much a question of the limits of the platform, and more a question of your imagination, and the support team you have along the way.
Every day new Bubble apps are being released that prove just how market-leading no-code apps can be. Whether you start off with a template or whether you are creating a custom app from scratch, the possibilities are endless.

Not sure where to start? Claim your$1 Bubble app auditas a no-commitment, no-fuss tool to find out how you and your team could kick your app into the next gear. Next year, we want to see your app on the “best Bubble app examples” list, so let’s get to work!

Ready to supercharge your no-code journey?

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